Zilla Parishad budget of Rs 41.08 crore tabled


Nashik: The account department tabled budget of Rs. 41.08 crore in general meeting of Zilla Parishad. Members suggested to divert unnecessary expenditure and fund for outdated schemes for innovative schemes and projects. A proposal was passed in the meeting that the chairperson should divert and make planning of the fund which remain for development works of the members.

ZP chairperson Shital Sangale, vice chairperson Nayana Gavit, chairperson of social welfare committee Sunita Charoskar, chairperson of education health committee Yatin Patil, chairperson of women and child welfare committee Aparna Khoskar, chairperson of construction and finance committee Manisha Pawar, group leader Dhanraj Mahale, Dr. Atmaram Kumbharde, chief executive officer Deepakkumar Meena, additional chief executive officer Anil Landge and other officials were present for the meeting.

The first general meeting was held in presence of newly elected members, office bearers and CEO. The budget of Rs. 41.08 crore which was prepared by the then CEO Milind Shambharkar under his special powers during election period for 2017-18 was tabled in the meeting. New members and office bearers held discussions over the budget for nearly five-and-half hours and suggested cut in unnecessary provisions of fund for inspection of public property, education department, health department, water supply-cleanliness, social welfare, women and child welfare, agriculture and animal husbandry, small irrigation, construction, building vigilance department and administration and suggested fund for new projects.

The proposal asking that the fund which will remain after suggesting cut should be used for development works in block of members as per need. ZP chairperson should make planning of this fund was passed and budget was partially approved. The account department has to revise budget as per suggestions and will be tabled again in next general meeting.

Informing that copy of budget was received late, BJP group leader Kumbharde complained that members did not get time to study credit and debit facts in the budget. Clarifying about this account officer Sonkamble informed that Rs. 27.61 crore has been credited in treasury in the form of revenue, interest and stamp duty. Interest rate has up. Objecting to this Kumbharde stated that interest rate was up as money was not spent. How money remained unspent, he asked.

ZP members Yatin Kadam, Sunil Kedar, Yashwant Shirsath, Mahendra Kale, Dhanraj Mahale, Ramesh Baraf, Rupanjali Malekar, Amruta Pawar, Anita Bodke and other newly elected members suggested cut in expenditure and to divert fund for newer projects in the budget. A provision has been made for inspection of public properties, repairing of residences and cells of office bearers and officials, daily cleanliness, construction of full bust of Shivaji Maharaj in ZP campus, maintenance of building at panchayat samiti level and installation of wi-fi and CCTV cameras at ZP for administrative functioning.