Team Yangrad posses for a quick snap before the film release

Nashik: A Marathi film ‘Youngraad’ under a big production banner is set to be released on Friday. But it has a special connection to Nashik as four out of the five star casts belong to the city, and a significant portion of the film is also shot here.

Our writer Vaidehi Joshi sneaked an opportunity to meet with the four youngsters from Nashik who made it to the big screen. Interestingly it is the first time they’re starring in any film.

Team Youngraad’s cast is unusual and fresh! It is the Phantom production’s first Marathi movie directed by Sashank Maane whose previous film was national award winning ‘Ringan’.

The story primarily speaks about friendship and the bond between four boys who are ready to do anything for each other.

The team Youngraad was here in the city and spoke freely and shared their excitement and their roles in the film.

“I am playing a lead in this film and the character Viki is beneficial towards his friends,” says Chaitanya Deore.

Viki, the decision maker of the group, is a unique character ready to go to extremeness for his friends by stretching his limits of fear, Deore says.

Another lead Saurabh Padvi plays a character of Antya. “He is very quiet and always wants to stay with his friends as they are his support system. With them, he feels safe, and that’s what makes him stronger,” says Padvi.

Jeevan from Mumbai is playing another role of a close friend being Bappa. He described his character as foody and friendship means the world and life to him.

“Bappa is ready to do everything in his capacity to bring a smile on his friends face,” Jeevan said.

Shiv Wagh another city lad is one of the four leads says, “My character is Monya who is fearless a boy and is kind of Tapori of his gang! Nobody can interfere in his decisions except his friends. He can do anything and everything for his friends.”

The fourth Nashik character is Sheerin Patil playing the lead opposite Chaitanya says that her character Teju raised by a single parent that is her mother.

“Teju is very sensible and matured. She likes simplicity, and her friends are her life,” Patil says.

Datta Patil, one of the most famous theatre personalities in Nashik and father of Sheerin, says, “She suddenly turned to film industry from engineering.”

Speaking about their experience working in the film, the Nashikites said they had an exhilarating experience shooting in the city they belong. They also said to have learned about the city differently.

Chaitanya said, during the workshops for films the cast got the opportunity to know each other helping them to create great bonding onscreen!

Jeevan who is Mumbaikar also said that he was quite excited while shooting in town. “Most of the shooting is done in old Nashik and Godavari Ghat,” he adds.

Sheerin and Chaitanya also told us that while shooting for one of the romantic songs for the film, they did many crazy things just with the intention to have some fun.

As Nashikites is is quite exciting to see them on the big screen, and they are also looking forward to it with a little bit of nervousness!

When asked how they define this movie in a single line, all of them said that ‘It’s a pure celebration of friendship’. It’s definitely a fantastic yet straightforward combination of friendship and celebration of youth.

So all you can do this Friday is book your tickets for this movie, grab some popcorns and join team Youngraad in the journey of True Friendship!