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YEAR ENDER: 2019 Pass or Fail in education


Education is an ongoing process. This process is expected to proceed with continuous improvement every day. With this year coming to an end, now that we are embarking on new year, what are the major developments in education in the 2019 year?, What has changed? We will review this in this article.

One of the most important events that took place in 2019 was the outline of the direction of education for the next twenty years. New educational policies were announced this year. The most important point in this strategy is that in the next generation, considering the kind of manpower that will be available in the 21st century, the curriculum on how these twenty-first-century skills will come through education.

It has also guided the policy to ensure that all board courses will remain the same across India. Discussion and demonstration in the classroom were emphasized by reducing the amount of book information. This year, the “Right To Education Act (RTE)” was made for girls from six to fourteen years of age, and for all children aged three to eight. This year’s change at the country level is very important. This was made possible due to the new education policy of Survey 2019.

To think internationally, one school student was taken care of by the whole world. That is Greta. The 16-year-old schoolgirl invited her to attend a UN summit. A student at a school had never been called to such a high position before. Greta, a native of Sweden, called for a “school closure for the weather” and closed schools throughout Sweden. And her call went to many countries and schools closed the school to balance the environment. Schoolgirl Greta Becomes the Brand Ambassador of the World Environmental Movement.

This year, the biggest change in the education sector in the state of Maharashtra was in the Class X exam. It has an impact on the outcome. Closed the oral examination of Class X students and removed the 20 marks from the school level. The result was that the results dropped. Eventually, these students were not admitted to the designated colleges. There was so much opposition from parents of students across Maharashtra that the education department withdrew the decision and announced that the students of 2020 will resume the oral examination. Also this year, over 100 government, international schools were introduced in Maharashtra.

It was announced that an international school would be built in each district. In some districts, these schools have been started. In this, poor students will get a quality education. Also this year “Maharashtra State Open School Board” was established. No need to go to school for education anymore. You can also complete your education by studying at home, taking direct fifth, eighth, tenth and twelfth exams. This is a great comfort for the out of school children. The then Education Minister Vinod Tawde made a change to prepare for admission to skill development by removing ‘Napas Shera’ (Fail remark) in the 10th class.

Considering Nashik, the education sector suffered a huge loss. Senior educationist Arun Thakur passed away on March 21. He was the founder of Anand Niketan, a Marathi media lab. Anand Niketan school is working as a lampstand in the field of education. Even though Arun Thakur did, his thoughts are still alive and living through Ananda Niketan. The Maharashtra Child Education Council, known in the field of education, was recently held in Nashik in November. The council has been meeting in different districts for the last twenty-five years, explaining what the government needs to change in education policies. This year Nashik district received its honour. Senior educationist Ramesh Panse sir introduced the concept of “education counseling” and the conference will be organized to build its curriculum up to 2020.

In the field of education, Nashik is internationally renowned by the Imperial School. Each of the forty schools from different countries had attended the conference for design for change in Rome, Italy. India was represented by the Espalier School in Nashik. Nashik’s school was selected from 5500 schools. Students who innovatively solve social problems are invited to this conference where Pope Francis meets and honours at Vatican City. Overall, the year was good for the education sector, except for Arun Thakur’s exit. History will always note that the direction of the education sector for the next twenty years is set in 2019.

– Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi


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