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YEAR ENDER: 2019 lessons: Demand for people with cyber security skills


2019, For all people this year was surprising because from many years using computer and mobile, people were thinking that they can protect themselves from any cyber attacks but the real situation was all the hackers and criminals started to attack on different countries and it was known as ransom attack.

In this attack, many people of the country were targeted and they lost all their online data. In this year another attack was reported on a big number, in this attack, many people were getting calls, messages and E-mails from unknown numbers. This was a case of cyber fraud in which many people were victims.

Hackers and criminals used the internet for targeting common people and send many messages and couriers on the addresses of the victims on a large scale. Many people who did not use their common sense were getting victims of this kind of cybercrime.

Many hackers and cybercriminals were creating fake messages, web sites under the name of Government schemes and the service provider name to collect the information of the people. Many people were taking part in the cyber awareness campaign under the cyber experts to spread cyber awareness among people in many cities.

Media and broadcast played an important role by making their consumers aware by publishing articles under the expertise of cyber experts and senior police officers. In December 2019, major steps for data protection were taken.
Many dating application were launched on a large scale.

Using this application many people were victims of fake account. Many children got addicted to online gaming and are now suffering from many psychiatric disorder and eye disorder. People are suffering from hearing problems, sleeping disorders, lower and upper back pain. By the help of cyber experts, many hackers and criminals were arrested.

-Tanmay S Dixit


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