Yara India launches YaraVitaStopit in Nashik


Nashik: Yara Fertilisers India Private Limited launched Yara VitaStopit, a liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing high concentrations of calcium, for spraying on fruits/foliage to control and reduce calcium related disorders in crops in Nashik.

Dr. Vipin Mishra, Head, Agronomy, YaraVita Stopit informed in a media briefing which was organised on the occasion that YaraVitaStopit is formulated from food grade calcium chloride. Formulating agents make it stable, safe, tank mixable and highly effective. Wetting agents ensure the product spreads efficiently over the leaf.

Sticking agents ensure the product cannot be washed off the leaf by rain or irrigation and absorption agents ensure the nutrient is taken up efficiently by the crop. He further informed that the product was tested at the National Research Centre for grapes, Pune. NRCG’s experimental project to study the impact of YaraVitaStopit on grapes concluded that least bunch loss (7.7%) was observed in treatment.

YaraVitaStopit was developed to address the challenge of getting a high level of calcium to the fruit without damaging the crop. YaraVitaStopit is a consistent true liquid formulation, Dr. Mishra added.