Will play a role of mediator between central govt and farmers: Pawar


Mohadi, Dindori : “Nashik district is leading in fruit and flower produce. Horticulture and flower culture can take place in the district. Farmers in the district are experimental and hard working. If there is government support for his work, produce will be increased and they will get encouragement. For this, visit by the secretary of horticulture and flower culture and Sahyadri agro producing company has been organised. I will play a role of mediator between central government and farmers,” stated chief of Nationalist Congress Party Sharad Pawar yesterday.

He was speaking during the meeting of the representatives of Sahyadri agro producing company at Mohadi in Dindori taluka. Secretary of agriculture department Shobhan Patnaik, joint secretary of horticulture department Dinesh Kumar chairman of Kadva sugar factory Shriram Shete, Vinayakdada Patil, MLA Narhari Zirwal, district NCP chief Ravindra Pagar and Dilip Bankar were present.

Pawar further said that Nashik district is a district of hardworking farmers. Earlier, there was sugarcane farming in the district. In the meantime, farmers turned to grape farming and developed various types of grapes. As a result, grapes here have reached to Europe. Flower produce here is also good. It is in demand. If there is government support for farmers here, there will be revolution definitely. There is a need to provide market to them. It is also needed to provide subsidy schemes to some extent to them.

If horticulture industry gets big market, farmers will be benefitted, but difficulties of farmers are remained at village level. There is no surety that they can be understood by central government. There is a need to take efforts for providing financial support to the farmers. For this, central government organised visit of the secretary of agriculture department and joint secretary Dinesh Kumar at Mohadi, he informed.

Union agriculture secretary Shobhan Patnaik stated to take positive steps regarding formation of nursery cluster here. Sahyadri agro producing company’s director Vilas Shinde welcomed them and informed about progress of the company.