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Welcome move but heavy fine, say Nashikites


Nashik :

The enforcement of the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 with effect from September 1, 2019, has set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. The efficacy and the fairness of the hefty penalties have been debated throughout the country. The prodigious increase in quantum of fines is clearly the big irritant.

The Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari while proposing the heavy penalties, perhaps wanted to bring about a change in traffic behaviour considering the 1.20 lakh valuable lives being lost every year in road accidents. Also, considering that the last law was enacted in 1989 the increase in fine amounts have only been proportional.

At least three BJP-ruled state governments have decided to water down the stringent provisions of the new Act, and four non-BJP ruled states are putting its implementation on hold. The subject falls under the Concurrent list (of the Constitution) and therefore the states may take the final decision on the implementation.

Maharashtra government has put on hold the implementation of the act but there is a lot of discussion about it among the masses. Deshdoot Times interacted with few Nashikites, to find out their view on the matter.


The increased fine for a traffic rules violation is good because people will follow traffic rules due to the fear of paying the fine. In today’s world, everyone tries to avoid additional expenses and so I think that people will follow traffic rules at least to save their money.
– Sumeet Bhokare, Photographer/Videographer
The rise in fines is to maintain discipline among people and is for their own safety. It sure is a good decision. If it has to happen by inducing fear of paying a heavy fine, then so be it.”
– Vaidehi Kulkarni, Artist
I welcome the changes in rules made by the Transport Ministry. Personally I think the fine amount imposed is too much and increasing the penalty is definitely not a solution. The masses can be educated about the personal and social benefits about following traffic rules.
– Vijay Tanna, Acupressure Healer
In my opinion, no one will force a fine on you if you follow the traffic rules while driving. Rules are made for our safety. Although common people cannot afford such high charges. They should be coming up with some other technique rather than asking people to pay such high fine but are forced to follow the law.
– Rutuja Tuplondhe, Student



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