Water supply in the city increased by 15 MLD


Nashik : The water supply, being supplied by water supply department for six divisions in the city has been increased by 15 MLD. This decision has been taken to supply additional water to citizens on the backdrop of upcoming diwali festival and to avoid complaints regarding the water.

Gangapur dam group and Darna dam which are supplying water to Nashik city are filled up to their capacity. Water is being discharged from them due to current rain. After complaints of low-pressure water supply in some parts of the city and demand to restore water supply by opposition leader Ajay Boraste, the water supply department had made it clear that considering capacity of water tanks and the time, it was not possible to supply water in all parts of the city for two times a day.

After all these happenings, NMC administration has increased regular water supply by 15 MLD to make it 445 MLD from earlier 430 MLD.

385 to 390 MLD water is being supplied regularly for Nashik city from Gangapur dam, while 35 MLD water is being supplied from Darna dam. 400 MLD and 45 MLD, amounting to total 445 MLD water supply has now been started.. Efforts are being taken to provide adequate water to all on the backdrop of upcoming diwali festival.