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Water stock in Gangapur dam rises to 94 percent


79 per cent water stock in district dams while

Nashik: The district has been receiving heavy showers at regular intervals in the past four days. As a result, major dams and catchment areas in the district have recorded a remarkable increase in the water stock.

From June 1 to September 1, the district has received a total of 12,330.3 mm rainfall which is 81.12 per cent of the average rainfall recorded in the district. Meanwhile, with the 94 per cent water stock in Gangapur dam, it is now certain that there will not be any water crisis for Nashikites till the onset of the next monsoon.

The water level in the dams and catchment areas in the district has increased to 79 percent due to the continuous downpour in the past couple of days. Ten dams in the district out of the 23 dams have crossed 90 percent mark while eight dams in the district have reached full capacity whereas seven dams are over 60 percent full.

Meanwhile, though the rains had taken a break since the past two days, owing to the moderate rainfall in the hilly region of Igatpuri, Peth and Surgana tehsils in past couple of days, water is being discharged from some of the dams in the region.

The water stock in the dams and catchment areas in the district is four percent less than what it was last year at this time. Last year on September 1, there was 83 percent water stock in the dams across the district whereas, this year there is 79 percent water stock in the dams and catchment areas across the district. This year, there is 94 percent water stock in Gangapur dam.

Besides, due to satisfactory rainfall in Igatpuri tehsil, the water stock in Darna dam is on the brink of reaching its full capacity. As per the latest reports of the irrigation department, the water level in Darna has touched 99 percent. Last year till September 1, there was 96 percent water stock in Darna dam.

At present the water stock in Gangapur Dam complex is 96 percent, Palkhed dam complex has 98 percent water stock, Darna Dam complex has 89 percent water stock and Girna Dam complex has 55 percent water stock. Due to the good spells in the past four days in the district, the water stock in the dams and catchment areas in the district has improved satisfactorily.


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