Water in Old Nashik is unfit for drinking


Nashik: Water pipelines in Gavthan and Old Nashik area are in bad condition. Situation of underground sewage is the same. Following complaints of contaminated water supply in some areas, it is clear that water at 17 places is unfit for drinking. 112 samples of water were taken in Nashik east division in July. It has come to light that health of citizens in some parts is in danger.

There were complaints of contaminated water supply mainly in Panchavati, Old Nashik and New Nashik in second week of July. The citizens had gone to the residence of Mayor Ranjana Bhansi and complained about contaminated water supply in her prabhag. It had also come to light that there was contaminated water supply in prabhags of former Deputy Mayor Gurmeet Bagga and corporator Vatsalatai Khaire.

Taking immediate note of this, water supply department repaired pipelines, valves and conducted inspection of closed connections and water samples. The report of these works has been sent to the Municipal Commissioner.

Out of total 907 water samples taken from six prabhags in the city, 882 samples found fit for drinking, whereas water at 25 places found unfit for drinking. Out of total 129 samples inspected in Nashik east division, water at 17 places found unfit for drinking. Most places out of them are from Old Nashik and Gavthan area.

The health of citizens is in danger with this. This is serious matter and water supply department should provide attention to this, demanded the citizens.