Water level in Gangapur dam rises to 51%

Sandeep Chavan

NASHIK: With satisfactory rains in some of the catchment areas of district reservoirs, water level in the dams is on the rise bringing relief to farmers who are awaiting for sowing activities to pick up.

Gangapur dam, a major source of water supply to Nashik and which has a capacity of 5,630 million cubic feet (mcft) of water, on Friday recorded 2914 mcft of water stock from 2264 mcft recorded on last Friday.

However, less rainfall recorded on Friday across the district with just a 1.6 mm rainfall recorded in the city.  The water stock in Gangapur dam now stands at 51.75% from last Friday’s 40.21% availability of water, Nashik irrigation department sources said on Friday.

The catchment area of Gangapur dam till Friday has recorded 463 mm of rainfall with Friday’s rainfall of 60 mm. Darna, with a capacity of 7,149 mcft is now filled up to 3590 mcft from last Friday’s 2332 mcft and more rains are still required to increase the level of water in district’s water reservoirs.

However, to date, the catchment area of the dam has recorded a total rainfall of 371 mm, thus registering 50.22% water availability in the dam, which is more than 18% from last Friday’s 32.62%.

Meanwhile, the city on Friday recorded maximum temperature of 21.7 degrees Celsius, and a minimum of 21.6 degree C with relative humidity levels of 92% and 79% respectively. The average rainfall during the last 24 hours upto Friday morning (8.30 am) is recorded at 12.1 mm, while the seasonal average rainfall from June 1 in Nashik is recorded at 223.1* mm.

Southwest Monsoon is currently in its active phase and has been giving heavy rains over many parts of the country. Moreover, vigorous Monsoon conditions were seen over many parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh as well as Gujarat.

Mumbai rains will also make a comeback as rain intensity is now expected to increase over Konkan & Goa and adjoining Madhya Maharashtra. Meanwhile, rains will be scanty over Marathwada region.