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Voters will get medical assistance near voting centre


180 health workers appointed near 1103 centres

Nashik: The health workers will be deployed near the voting centre as per directives by the Election Commission of India to provide primary aid immediately in case voters suffer. In addition, the intensive care unit in a nearby hospital will be kept ready.

As per instructions by the district administration, health workers along with medicines have been appointed at 180 voting centres out of total 1103 voting centres in all four state assembly constituencies in Nashik city.

Following the directives by the central and state Election Commission of India, the district electoral officer and District Collector Nashik have issued instructions to Nashik Municipal Corporation and the district health officer to provide medical assistance for two days of voting, on the day of vote counting and the day after it.

Accordingly, NMC public health department has made planning for the medical assistance at voting centres in Nashik east, Nashik west, Nashik central and Deolali state assembly constituencies. Health officer Dr. Rahul Gaikwad informed about the planning by NMC regarding medical assistance.

There are total of 1103 voting centres in four state assembly constituencies in Nashik city. These centres are located in various schools and colleges at 180 places. A single employee of NMC health department will be deployed at each voting centre.

This employee will have ORS packets, paracetamol tablets, metradinal, cream for injury and cotton. If anyone suffers sunstroke, he/she will immediately be administered ORS. If anyone suffers injury, he/she will also be treated.

In case of more trouble, they will be immediately shifted to nearby municipal hospital. As an emergency measure, an ambulance with a team of doctors will be kept ready at six locations. In addition, intensive care units at NMC’s Bytco hospital and other hospitals at Kathada, Satpur and New Nashik.


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