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Video: ‘Saint literature is confluence of all sciences’


Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar at Revered Late Shri Bastiramji Sarda Memorial Lecture Series


The literature of our saints shows distinct co-ordination of different sciences including that of psychology, sociology, logic, philosophy and other such. This literature shows a confluence whereas other sciences show parallels, expressed Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar while speaking at the Revered Late Shri Bastiramji Sarda Memorial Lecture Series at Parshuram Saykhedkar auditorium in the city on Saturday, in its 56th edition. He was speaking on the topic “Literate of our saints is the origin of modern psychology”.

Speaking on the first day of the three-day lecture series, Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar said that Saint literature is the origin of not only all such sciences but also of the various thought processes which give perspectives to life. He further added that this literature goes beyond human limitations. This literature speaks of changing situations of the mind and lifestyle and it transitions within the society which speaks of the changing processes and hence is relevant to all ages. This literate has given us the world’s greatest philosophy and that too in a very simple form which can be understood by all.

Speaking on social sense, he said that people have become immune to their social responsibilities. Literature by our saints give insights on different human sciences which enables to make lives happy. Initially, Ayati Sarda, great great granddaughter of Late Shri Bastiramji Sarda welcomed the audience and greeted the speaker.


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