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Video: Foreigner to learning Garba in Nashik



The different style of Indian festivals has always attracted foreign countries. Whether Ganeshutsav or Navratri festival and Diwali or Dushera festival foreigner tourist always come to experience the Indian culture.
Garba classes helped me to experience a new culture and I am happy when I came to India, said Gaaju at Deshdoot Digital.

Not only just Gujarati’s but even foreigners residing in the city are gearing up for the nine-day dancing festival. Talking about Garba classes, Gaju from Brazil says, “Learning this dance form and steps is difficult, but I am enjoying a lot and happy to learn this Indian culture. He says, “I have heard a lot about this festival from my Indian friends. So I planned to join Garba classes. It is going to be an altogether different experience.

I am a member of the Rotary club in Brazil and we learn different types of cultures and traditions of other countries and spread it in our country, he says

He also said the after learning this culture and tradition I will share it, with my friends and society in Brazil. Also, I have learned to make Indian food and I will teach my friends and prepare for them this delicious Indian food.

Not only Gujarati’s and people from all communities but also foreigner have joint our Garba classes. This is the first time that a Foreigner has joint the class. I am happy to teach him about our culture and traditional dance. As compare to others his grasping power is strong. So, he easily learned all the steps of Garba dance. said Kaustub Joshi, K Studio, Dance and Entertainment


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