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Video: Deshdoot initiative for farmers; Shift to sustainable farming


Hemraj Rajput, Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture), YCMOU, suggests


Deshdoot has been at the forefront in addressing concerns of farmers. An agricultural guidance camp organised jointly by Deshdoot and YCMOU’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra, led by Deshdoot Times and Deshdoot Executive Editor Dr Vaishali Balajiwale, at Vinayaknagar hamlet of Ganeshgaon in rain-affected Trimbakeshwar taluka focused on remedies rather than problems.

Agriculture expert from Krishi Vigyan Kendra of YCMOU, Hemraj Rajput provided valuable guidance to the farmers and young generation appealing them to turn to sustainable farming from traditional in order to cope with natural calamities. He urged especially to emerging farmers that they should avail of short term vocational agricultural courses at Krishi Vigyan Kendra for sustainable & profitable farming.

Rajput said, “In order to cope with changing climatic conditions such as severe drought, wet drought, as emerging challenges before the agriculture sector are huge and massive, it’s therefore high time for the distressed farmers to shift to group farming and eco-friendly integrated crop management technique that balances the requirements of running a profitable business with responsibility and sensitivity to the environment,” he stated..The agriculture expert laid emphasise on “intelligent” farming by taking to sustainable agriculture without relying on traditional patterns of farming.

“Instead of relying on a perennial agriculture of a single crop, farmers ought to cultivation of multiple crops under the integrated crop management so as to adjust potential crop losses with other produces having fair market value.” Rajpur said.

Tribal farmers while taking traditional crops of paddy, varai, nagli, should also turn to short-term cash crops of peas, tomato and sweet corn after paddy harvest. They need to cultivate horticulture crops of mango, chikoo (sapodilla), jackfruit, cashew, guava, sitaphal (custard apple), jamun (black plum) on the field boundaries. The camp also focused on organic farming which has an attractive market place for good earning.

Alternative ways of farming including goat farming, buffalo farming, plant nursery, pickle production by women’s small savings group, preparations of other spices and foodstuffs were also discussed at length in the guidance camp.

While interacting with the rain-affected farmers, Dr Vaishali Balajiwale said that Deshdoot has been at the forefront to address issues of farmers with amicable solution. We will further widen our horizon to address farmers’ concerns more vehemently ensuring that farming should turn into a profitable and sustainable way of livelihood for farmers.
Village head Rukmini Nathu Udar, police Patil Devchand Mahale and villagers were present in large numbers.


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