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Vehicle towing contract suspended



The city police have suspended temporarily controversial vehicle towing contract over no installation of CCTV cameras at vehicles and non-fulfilment of dress code for workers, character verification and other rules and conditions Next decision will be taken after fulfilment of rules and conditions by the contractor, police have made it clear.

Towing van contractors had been appointed on February 5, 2018 to take action against those vehicles which are parked anywhere. Ambika Enterprises run by Gajanan Bramhankar deployed vehicles to lift four-wheelers and two-wheelers and appointed employees, but police administration laid some rules and conditions for this.

Considering arguments among citizens and workers on a towing van, the contractor was conveyed in July to follow rules and conditions, but as there was no firm action by contractor, traffic branch has ordered to suspend contract temporarily. The decision, whether to start towing van or not, will be taken in future, informed deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Pournima Chougule.


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