‘Vasa Concept shall surely empower the brain damaged’


Nashik : In Indian mythology, Guru is one who shows right path and removes all darkness in life. He enlightens the soul and empowers the person. Vasa Concept too empowers the brain damaged patient to be independent, thus expressed Management Guru Dr Sandip Bhanose.

Rajul Vasa Foundation had organised a unique tree plantation by special children on the eve of Guru Pournima at Satpur.  The event was coordinated by Sachin Joshi and compered by Ravi. Vasa Concept is applicable to brain damaged (cerebral palsy, stroke and accident) patients and its free of cost to benefit society at large.

Presently patients from Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Aurangabad, Baramati and many more places are coming and are getting benifited. Vishnu Pradhan, Yogesh Choudhari, Harinaksh Gavit, Krishna Shinde, Tanay Gujarathi, Shreyas Bhanose, Kavya Gore, Baviskar, Mohit Sonawane, Rugved Saskar, Om Jadhav, Papy Das, Anil Mali and others participated in the event. Sangita Bhanose proposed the vote of thanks.