Vacant posts in NMC to be filled up through promotion


Nashik : The opposition strongly opposed for filling up garden inspector posts temporarily through outsourcing and to appoint 100 employees through outsourcing for distribution water bills. As a result, rulers had to take both subjects back. Following longer discussions on these subjects and clarification by the Municipal Commissioner, Mayor Ranjana Bhansi ordered to conduct legal checking regarding filling up of garden inspectors and employees for distribution of water bills through outsourcing and reconsider this. She also ordered administration to fill up the vacant posts through promotion.

The GBM of Nashik Municipal Corporation was held under Mayor Bhansi. Shiv Sena tried to trap rulers over the issue of nominated corporators. Thereafter, Adv. Shyam Badade drew attention to bad state of 289 gardens. Contractors are taking money without doing any works. They breached rules and conditions. Take works back from them and make their inquiry, he demanded.

After start of discussions over the subject to fill up garden inspector posts through outsourcing, Gurmeet Bagga said that NMC is conducting many works through outsourcing. Badode told the house about what happened if works are done through outsourcing. Administrative department is recruiting the employees, how garden department sent the docket then, he asked. 6 posts of garden inspector have been sanctioned.

Out of these, two posts have been filled up and 4 remained vacant. When posts are sanctioned, how you fill up them through outsourcing. The then Municipal Commissioner Sanjay Khandare had given promotion to three out of five employees in garden department. The docket was tabled in a wrong way and take legal advice about this. Fill up this posts through promotion, Bagga advised.