Unseasonal rain: 19,000 farmers suffer crop loss worth Rs 15 cr


Nashik: As many as 19,197 farmers in the district have been affected by unseasonal rain in October. Crops on 9,686 hectares of land were affected. The district administration has sought a fund of Rs. 15.44 crore from state government to provide aid to these farmers.

The farmers suffered crop loss due to unseasonal rain in October. The administration received a report of the loss after two months. Rice, nagli, varai, bajra, groundnut, soybean and corn crops on 1,413 hectares of infertile land were badly affected, while onion, sugarcane and vegetable crops on 910 hectares of fertile land were badly affected. Grape crop on 7,330 hectares of land was affected most.

The agriculture department had inspected losses on primary level, but as there were no instructions by government, assessment of crop losses was not done. Following orders by the government, it was done. The final report has now been tabled. Crops on 9,686 hectares of land were affected, the report mentions. The district administration has sought Rs. 13,500 per hectare for annual crop, while Rs. 18,000 per hectare for the crop which is taken twice in a year.