Unorganised sector is largely affected due to GST: Jayant Patil


Nashik : While bringing the Value-Added Tax government had taken all states, traders and manufacturers into confidence. A period of 2-3 months was given before enforcement of the VAT, but while enforcing the Goods and Services Tax, people from sales tax department and central government had prepared this Tax one-sided, without taking any trader into the confidence. Its adverse effects are being felt now and 12% unorganised sector in the country is largely affected by this. Economy is also in bad shape, stated former state Finance Minister Jayant Patil.

He was speaking during an open interaction programme which was organised for traders at Hotel Panchvad, yesterday. Adv. Vilas Lonari was present on dais. While enforcing the GST, suggestions were tabled to apply total 18% GST and 4% GST for essential commodities, but they were not approved. After seeing adverse effects, the GST on 27 items was reduced earlier. Considering traders’ anger, the GST on 200 items was reduced on the backdrop of Gujarat elections, Jayant Patil said.

Today 60% business is stalled due to the GST. Central government has not given any powers to states in the Act. While enforcing the VAT, government had considered powers of states and their revenue. Government played with the country’s economy. Following demonetisation, government had given many assurances, but as per figure 99% currency returned to Reserve Bank of India. 1.23 crore fake notes were found during raids. Besides this, benami properties worth Rs. 17,000 crore were also found, but CAG report states different, he added.

Jayant Patil replied to the queries raised by traders. President of cloth merchant association Digvijay Kapadia, general secretary of V N Naik education society Kondajimama Avhad, former chairman of Nashik Road Deolali Vyapari bank Nivrutti Aringale, Vasant Khairnar, district NCP chief Ravindra Pagar, city chief Ranjan Thakre, senior leader Nana Mahale and Jayant Tile were also present.