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Undeclared load-shedding in district

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Undeclared load-shedding in district


Nashik: As there is shortage more than 2,000 megawatt power in state, Maharashtra State Electricity Company Ltd. (MSEDCL) has to conduct load-shedding in some states. Though Nashik is among these cities, main city will not suffer. Consumers who have in G-1, G-2 and G-3 group may have to face this, stated the sources.

The current demand for power by MSEDCL is around 19,500 megawatt. At present, 16,000-17,000 megawatt power is available in the state. As a result, there is shortage of 2,000 megawatt power.

MSEDCL purchased power from private companies to fulfill the demand. As there is shortage of coal, power generation in thermal power stations has been reduced. The power station of Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MAHAGENCO) requires 43 mega tonnes daily.

As there is limit for usage of water which has been reserved for power generation for Koyna hydro electric project, additional power cannot be generated. As a result, a time has come for MSEDCL to conduct load-shedding.

Nashik, Aurangabad, Beed and Mumbra cities have been included in it. It is being stated that rural areas in these cities have to face load-shedding. As time table regarding has not declared yet, there is confusion over duration of load-shedding. However, irregular load-shedding is being conducted in rural areas of Nashik district.

The load-shedding is being conducted in the areas which falling in G-1, G-2 and G-3 groups. The percentage of electricity bill recovery in these areas is very less. As there is 58-66% power leakage in G-1 group, 66-74% power leakage in G-2 group and more than 74% power leakage in G-3 group and less electricity bill recovery, load-shedding has been started in these areas, MSEDCL informed.

As load-shedding is being conducted for around 6-8 hours in rural area, farmers and industries suffered the most. Productions in industries are affecting by this. It added to the woes of industrialists.

Farmers are also worried how to supply water to crops.
Meanwhile, undeclared load-shedding is also being conducted in various parts of the city. When inquired about this with the MSEDCL office, it clarified that no load-shedding is being conducted in the city. It is stating that power can be snapped due to technical fault at some places.


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