Unauthorised shrines in Old Nashik demolished


Old Nashik : Despite opposition by people from all communities, a drive to demolish unauthorised shrines was continued on Monday. 7 unauthorised shrines in east division were demolished, while 5 shrines in west division were demolished. The situation was tense for sometime at Panchasheelnagar.

The drive on Tuesday was started around 9 am from Bhadrakali area. After demolishing an unauthorised shrine in video lane, municipal officials and employees reached Nepali corner to demolish the shrine there. Devotees tried to argue with officials, but police intervened and pacified the devotees. Thousands of women and men gathered at Panchasheelnagar and opposed demolition of old durgah there. Senior police inspector of Bhadrakali police station Mangalsingh Suryawanshi along with his colleagues reached there. Citizens tried to argue with him, but he asked them to table their saying before municipal officials.

Some senior citizens and youths tabled old documents and requested not to demolish the durgah. Municipal officials thereafter demolished additional construction and shed leaving main durgah site. A period of two days has been given for demolition of remaining part, sources informed.

Unauthorised shrines at Tivandha Chowk, Somwar Peth, Sambhaji Chowk, Qazigadhi and Kumbharwada were removed. Total 12 unauthorised shrines in Nashik east and west divisions were demolished on six consecutive day on Tuesday.