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UGC seeks report on EVS course


NASHIK: In a bid to make the students of India aware of the implications of polluting the world, The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided that they will be introducing the subject of environmental studies. The subject will be a compulsory subject for all undergraduate (UG) courses that are on offer in India.
As per a directive forwarded by the Supreme Court, it was stated that all the branches of study in India should have a subject for environmental studies. To facilitate the notice, the University Grants Commission had sent various letters to all the universities, colleges and institutions for the implementation of the course in all the undergraduate courses of all the branches of study.
The UGC has been asking all the educational institutions in India to implement the six-month module of the subject in their curriculum for all the branches of study.
In the latest letter that UGC had sent to all the universities, colleges and institution, it said that all the educational institutions have to implement the subject of environmental studies in all of the undergraduate courses for in the different branches of studies that are present in the educational institutions of India. The UGC has also given a recommendation regarding the module syllabus. As per this, there will be seven units for the course. Unit one will be an introduction to environmental studies. Unit two and three will be about the ecosystem and natural resources (both renewable and non-renewable). Unit four will be details about biodiversity and conservation. Unit five and six will have topics on environmental pollution, environmental policies, and practices. Finally, unit seven will focus on human communities and the environment.
The final unit will contain fieldwork wherein students will have to visit an area to document environmental assets such as rivers, forests, flora and fauna, etc. The students can also visit a local polluted site as part of the project. Students can also study common plants, insects, birds, basic principles of identification, simple ecosystems such as ponds, rivers, and other aspects.


UGC has made mandatory for all the Universities and other educational institutions to implement environmental studies as part of the curriculum of all the undergraduate courses of the different branches of education. The subject has a six-month module which has to be followed by them.


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