Two students drown


Trimbakeshwar: Two students from Nashik who had gone on a tour at Pahine in Trimbakeshwar taluka drowned in a deep depression next to the river yesterday. This mishap took place around 4 pm.

The names of the students are Sangram Shirsath (24, resident of Gangapur Road, Nashik) and Kaustubh Bhingardive (26, Rahri, tal. Rahata, Ahmednagar). They were studying in a engineering college at Nashik.

As per a detailed report, a group of 5-6 youths from Nashik arrived in Trimbakeshwar area. They parked their vehicles at 2-km distance from Pahine Phata and sat beside the depression in the river bed. They organised a party there. These students then entered into the water filled depression to swim. One student began to drown as he failed to gauge the depth.

Another student went to save him, but he also drowned. The other youths there started to shout. After hearing them, residents of the area rushed to help. Youths from Khadakwadi fished out dead bodies of the students. Police Patil Ambapure informed Wadiwarhe police about this. The police then reached the spot and registered a case of sudden death.