‘Transformation in country due to Modi govt’


Nashik: Modi government at the Centre is for the development of farmers, women, children, elders, disabled, the poor, the deprived and labourers. Bharatiya Janata Party under Modi has been able to do for the poor, what the Congress failed to do in 65 years. Modi government has done a lot of work related to farming, basic infrastructure, transport, traffic, space research, security and work at the international level in three years. BJP activists should reach information about this work to the people, urged Union Human Resources Minister Prakash Javadekar.

Javadekar was providing his guidance during convention of BJP activists at Kalidas auditorium. He analysed schemes by central government, development works done in three years and future policy of government. Mayor Ranjana Bhansi, MLAs Seema Hiray and Balasaheb Sanap, Laxman Savji, Vasant Gite, Sunil Bagul, Vijay Sane, Dinkar Patil and district BJP chief Dada Jadhav were present on the dais.

As the traditional voter of Congress is now voting for BJP, Congress party is criticising the BJP. Neglecting this BJP activists should showcase performance of the government in three years, he stated.

While informing that Congress was involved in corruption and scams, Javadekar said that 2G scam, coal scam, submarine scam and Commonwealth Games scam took place in its regime. The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister for name sake only. Government was operating from 10 Janpath. Those who were in favour were getting work contracts. After coming to power, the BJP conducted auctioning process for spectrum and coal mining. With this around Rs. 5 lakh crore was collected.

People know that Modi government is transparent, so people give majority votes to Modi in each election. Congress, AAP and Bahujan Samaj Party are among those parties which are alleging that the BJP manipulated electronic voting machines. When these parties were getting majority votes, why did these parties not find fault with EVMs, Javadekar asked.

Modi has taken decisions with the average citizen in mind. The decision to remove red beacons from vehicles of all Ministers was part of this. Modi government also introduced facility of self-attestation of documents, he informed.

There was huge irregularity in distribution of coal to thermal power stations during regime of Congress, but coal mines were auctioned during regime of the BJP. As policy to distribute coal to every state as per requirement is being followed, every electricity generation centre has coal stock in advance which can last for 21 days. Poor were not getting homes under Indira Awas Yojna, but homes will be provided to every poor person under Prime Minister Awas Yojna. Around six crore homes will be constructed by 2022, Javadekar informed further.

Modi had urged people to provide their cooperation for 50 days after scrapping Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. They gave it willingly. Riots took place in other countries during demonetisation period, but not a single such incident took place in the country. As a result, Congress has no ground to criticise it, he said.