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Traffic system in city to become hi-tech



The city police are striving hard to resolve the traffic issue in the city. With the help of CCTV cameras which will be received under the smart city mission, e-challan will be used directly in the upcoming period to prevent argument between police and citizens, informed Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nangre Patil.

Police were busy security related to elections and festivals for the last six months, however, there will be a focus on traffic in the city for the next three months, he made it clear. All notifications regarding all roads in the city since 1990 are being checked to change obsolete rules and to implement new changes.

A squad is working constantly for this. It will be declared earlier about action by traffic police at 6 am and certain areas, so citizens are expected to be ready for this and to follow the rules, he added. A total of 800 CCTV cameras will be installed in the city under the smart city mission. Of them, 175 cameras will read the number plate of vehicles and 150 cameras will be installed at traffic signals to monitor traffic minutely.

A total of 8 police personnel will be appointed at the CCTV camera control room to monitor traffic. The number of those breaching traffic rules will be captured in the CCTV cameras and e-challan will be sent directly to their residence or through SMS on their mobiles.

In effect, traffic personnel will be used elsewhere. Action will be taken against those auto rickshaws which are run without a permit and their numbers will be reduced. As the public transport system will be strengthened in the city in the upcoming future, more emphasis will be given on it, said Nangre Patil.

Efforts will be made to make the traffic system more suitable after a survey of roads. The signal system will be run on google mapping and the time of signal will be more or less as per rush, while the timing of signals will be made vehicle drier oriented in view that vehicles on main roads will get all signals which are in one line.

There would be a positive picture of traffic in the city in the next three months, the Commissioner of Police hopes.

Senior citizens should come forward for traffic warden

The concept of traffic warden has become a success in Pune and various cities. If those retired, senior citizens and volunteers of NGOs give their certain time, the burden on police personnel at the traffic signal will be reduced. If citizens create awareness about traffic rules, it will be more effective and senior citizens should come forward for this, urged the Commissioner of Police.

Warning to police

From now on the police will not hide behind tree leaving traffic signal. Their attention will on to follow traffic rules. All police behave with citizens with patience, else action will be taken against them, warned Nangre Patil.


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