Traffic plan tabled by Delhi based company


Nashik: As number of vehicles stood at 7.32 lakh compared to the population density as of 2016, width of roads should be widened and 455 new buses should be added to the existing 243 buses for regularisation of public bus transport service, a Delhi based company has suggested in its traffic plan.
Work to prepare a Comprehensive Traffic & Transportation Plan (CTTP) was given to an advisory agency Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd., Delhi. After studying number of vehicles in existence, traffic density of roads, financial status and capacity of citizens, method of traffic and standard of living and actual survey of traffic, it prepared the CTTP and presented it in Nashik Municipal Corporation.
The concerned advisory agency had surveyed traffic in entire city and informed that as per census of 2011, population of Nashik city is 14.86 lakh and Nashik ranks 29th among biggest cities in India. It is fourth ranked city in Maharashtra and 7.32 lakh vehicles have been registered till 2016. As burden of these vehicles is on principal roads in the city, traffic density on city roads has increased. With this it has been found that traffic jams and number of accidents have increased.
The agency suggested a reform of the public transport system in the city immediately.
Currently, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is running the public transport system in the city. At present, 243 buses are plying. Considering population, total 698 buses will be required and current number of buses is very less. It is necessary to add 455 more buses immediately to improve city public transport system.