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Traffic chaos remains same at Ashok Stambh circle


Nashik: Though work under the smart road at Ashok Stambh circle has been completed, there is no change in traffic situation there. A total of seven roads meet at this circle. It was closed for traffic for the last two-three months due to smart road work and the road was thrown open on January 26.

Roads to Raviar Karanja, Gangapur Road, Panchavati via Ramwadi, Vakilwadi and CBS are connected to Ashok Stambh circle. All roads coming from Gole colony are also connected to it. Gole Colony area has a large number of godowns and offices of medical agencies which are supplying medicines to the entire district. As a result, there is a rush of people in the area.

Vehicles proceeding to Gangapur Road come at Ashok Stambh circle via Ghankar lane and Vakilwadi. They are obstructing those vehicles heading to CBS and Ramwadi. Many vehicles are heading to Vakilwadi via this circle. City bus and bigger vehicles face inconvenience due to this.

An auto rickshaw stop has been set up in the middle of the circle illegally to head to Ravivar Karanja. The rush of auto rickshaws is seen on the route heading to Gangapur, Gole Colony, at the side of the veterinary hospital and the route heading to Vakilwadi.

Though the capacity of auto rickshaw stand is 6-8, around 15-20 auto rickshaws are seen parked there. Many times they are parked in the middle of the road. Competition is seen among auto rickshaw drivers to get passengers. With the removal of traffic island, the circle has been widened, but there is no change in traffic situation due to indisciplined auto rickshaw drivers and two-wheeler riders.

Traffic police personnel are seen rarely in the area. The number of college-goers passing through this circle is higher. In addition, Ashok Stambh and Gole colony area have the highest number of coaching classes. As students and teachers park their vehicles on the road, there is a hurdle to traffic.

We heaved a sigh of relief after completion of smart road and Ashok Stambh circle work. With the removal of traffic island, the circle has been widened. However, there are encroachments on the route heading to Ravivar Karanja. In addition, there is no parking arrangement for shopkeepers here, they park their vehicles on the road. This resulted in traffic congestion. Now there is a need for smart planning.
                                                                                                                                             – Duttatray Nikam, citizen
There is a rush of auto rickshaws at every corner of Ashok Stambh circle. As auto rickshaw drivers drive their rickshaws with speed, many accidents are taking place in this area. In addition, they park their vehicles on the road, causing hurdle to other vehicles. This should be stopped.
                                                                                                                             – Samadhan Jadhav, businessman


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