Traffic branch recovers fine of Rs 2.72 cr in 7 months


Nashik : The city police have started to take strict measures for improvement of traffic in city. The city traffic branch recovered a record break fine of Rs. 2.72 crore in seven months from January to July. There is additional recovery of Rs. 70.64 lakh than previous year.

The number of vehicles in the city is increasing every day. As a result, there is no traffic discipline. Vehicle owners have breached all traffic rules and are inviting mishaps. The traffic is disrupted due to errant vehicle drivers. Vehicle owners are neglecting one way or no entry rules, over speed, front seat passenger, drunk and drive, negligence to rules related to parking, signal jumping and not wearing a seat belt or helmet. They are unaware about rules about zebra crossing or lane cutting.

On the backdrop of this, city police have started to conduct various projects since last year and started to create awareness among the vehicle owners. They are creating awareness about usefulness of seat belt, helmet and to follow traffic signal rules, but some vehicle owners have no effect of this. Police have started to recover fine from the errant vehicle owners to discipline them. Though figure of fine reached crores of rupees, the traffic owners are not seen following the traffic rules.

The traffic branch took action against 1.25 lakh errant drivers in 2015 and recovered fine of Rs. 1.31 crore. The figure of fine reached 2.42 crore in 2016. Police took action against 2.03 lakh errant drivers. The situation is however different this time. Taking action against 84,476 errant vehicle drivers, the police recovered the fine of Rs. 2.07 crore drivers. Last year, the figure of the fine from January to August 6 was Rs. 1.37 crore only. If the action continues same way, the figure of fine can reach around Rs. 3-3.25 crore by the end of this year, police are expressing.