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Today’s Navdurga | Nashik Police : Learn to say ‘NO’

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Today’s Navdurga | Nashik Police : Learn to say ‘NO’


As part of the Today’s Nav Durga Deshdoot Times today brings to you views of the women in Police department. We relate to their qualities of fighting the evil for the sake of people and also their role in maintaining law and order and peace in the city. 

Nashik: The women in the Nashik city Police department express the situation of women in the society, their role as protectors and the need for change as we look to the virtues of the Goddess.

As we relate to the Police women to the form of Chandrghanta, the Goddess who is riding the tiger with arms in her one hand and the garland of beads for peace in the other whose might has the capability of ten hands. She is the warrior, the protector and we relate her form to the women in Police uniform who do their duty diligently.

Deshdoot Times talks to Sangeeta Nikam, Police Inspector, Nayana Aglave Police Sub Inspector, Bhavana Mahajan, Assistant Police Inspector, Women’s wing and Rucha Hire Police constable on how they see the situation today and how they perceive the role of women police. Here is the gist of what they said,
“Security of women is a major concern today. We find women working in many areas and as she has stepped out of her traditional frame, her challenges have also increased. There is a need to change the outlook and ideas of the society. The way a woman is looked at needs to change. This change has to come from both men and women themselves. The present times call for this change beginning from our homes where we tell our boys to respect women.

In terms of self defence the biggest arm women have with them is saying ‘NO’. This has to be strong and straight forth. In adverse situations women loose confidence and the ability to put across their views. The NO has to come against the ill treatment, aggression, violence, abuse, disrespect which is shown to them. The society needs to understand the right of every women as an equal member of co-existence.

Through our jobs we see many such women who are suffering still for being treated as women and not as human beings. There are many things that need to be revisited right from our ideas, views, attitude, thought, actions for this to change. Importantly women need to change themselves and not feel as secondary to any one.

Women need to be alert, attentive, be prepared for her own battles, should maintain physical and mental fitness, learn to understand and know the other person, be confident, improve your body language and garner support of family and friends”.

The Chandraghanta is the worrier Goddess. She carries a trishul and Japmala. Trishul the sign of power and Japmala the sign of Kindness. Every woman toois like her when she has to stand for her defense and at times is caring and peaceful. Women today should know which role toplay and when. Women should live with the presence of mind.
-Sangeeta Nikam, Police Inspector

Every woman must learn to say ‘NO’, when she feels so. The message has to be straight so that it is understood well. She must carry herself such that others will respect her. Present times also call for women to be alert and to learn a self defense. She may not carry a weapon every time but her alternetness can save many situations. Change yourself so the society will change .
-Nayna Aglawe, Police Sub Inspector.

Every woman should seek education and stand on her own. She needs to be independent in her thoughts, actions and her finances. As for her safety, she should be always be prepared. Use the daily things for security like hairpin, chili powder, etc and importantly shout aloud when you are being harmed. Let others know so that they will help you.
-Bhavna Mahajan, Asst. Police Inspector

Every woman must believe in her self. If she looks to her positively then only will the society consider her. Her security is most important. Learn self-defence and be confident. Confidence is the key to handle situations. If you have any trouble use the police app and call on police helpline number – 9762100100. Police will always stand with you.
-Rucha Hire, Police Constable


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