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Today’s Navdurga | Lions Club Of Nashik : Look beyond thy self

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Today’s Navdurga | Lions Club Of Nashik : Look beyond thy self


The third group in our series of Today’s Nav Durga is the women members of the Lion’s Club of Nashik Panchavati. The club with a big strength of women as members has been working in many areas of social work. They help the homeless by providing them food and also encourage and support an organization that grooms them for a better life. They work in areas of health, women empowerment, cleanliness, environment and other issues.

NASHIK: We relate the women members of the Lion’s Club of Nashik Panchavati to the form of Goddess Brahmcharini who is known for her austerity. She endows happiness, peace, prosperity, and grace upon all. The women from Lion’s Club of Nashik Panchavati work for the society and the underprivileged. With their work, they help bring in happiness, peace, prosperity in the lives of people they work for. Their selfless work also helps them gain a sense of worthiness and satisfaction.

Deshdoot Times talks to Vaidya Nilima Jadhav, Rupali Kotkar, Smita Deshpande, Smita Yande, Ujjwala Wani, Shobha Amrutkar and Rohini Rakte. And discuss how they see the societal situation today and what can be done. Here is the gist of what they said,
“Women by nature are intuitive and sensitive. They naturally carry the sentiment of motherhood which they can share with children who are homeless and who are in need of the warmth”.

As a Club activity, we give them food and have realized that they are in need of meals that can prevent them from sleeping hungry. We can work for bettering the lives of underprivileged women. The society needs to look at the needs of such children and women more sensitively and just do a little for them. If we aim to bring about a better change in the society we will have to work on many fronts. We have to begin with education. Their talents and skills need to be explored and their talents honed. These skills and talents coupled with education will then give them a chance to stand on their own in life.
As for women who can contribute to such work, they need to look around with compassion and give some time of their schedules to work for such children and women. If women go out of their houses and work in groups it will help them work better and also make them feel good about themselves.
Women need to be confident and say that she wants to contribute her time to the cause of society. If she really wishes she can. She has to get out of her self-centred outlook and gain exposure of the world. Her family and people around her also should support her idea of helping others for she intends to do good.

Women are persistent, strong, tolerant, soft-spoken, supportive, happy, can understand and forgive and also can guide. If they use such qualities for bettering lives of others, she will have done something meaningful.”

Women should increase their confidence and freely express themselves. Women by nature are more kind but at the same time they must learn to stand for themselves. A woman is persistent in her thoughts and actions and this quality of hers makes her special.
-Vaidya Nilima Jadhav

A woman should learn to love themselves. When her confidence increases she will also do best for the family and society. If we look at the society today, it has become self centered, so it is necessary for women to come together and spread compassion and understanding.
-Smita Yande

Women need to be more smart and wise and must learn to understand situations. She has to decide where and when she can be tolerant and when she should take a stand. If matters relate to her existence, self esteem, health, family , finances, she must take a stand. She should also learn give.
-Ujjwala Wani

Live for yourself. Pay attention to yourself and believe that you deserve it. If your family supports you, well and good, if it doesn’t garner the support. Work on yourself and also for the society. Group with other women, share and get motivated. Always stay positive.
-Smita Deshpande

Women have great talents, skills and abilities. If they look at themselves consciously they will be able to realize their potential. With this she can work for herself and for other women as well. Women should work to build their independent positive personalities. She should be empowered.
-Rupali Kotkar

Women should get out of their small circles and look to the society. There is a lot to contribute if you decide to work for some cause. Your social work not only helps someone else but also gives you a feeling of happiness. In addition look to life spiritually and all your negative energy will be withdrawn.
-Shobha Amrutkar

Women have always been given the status of a Goddess but she should be considered as a human being also in her real life. They are blessed with qualities of love and strength. Now it’s time to use strength and be like a Lion and bestow the love on those children who need it. Know your self and be useful.
-Rohini Rakte


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