Timetable of eight trains changed


Nashik Road : The timetable of eight railway trains which have halt at Nashik Road is delayed by 2-20 minutes. This has been clear after declaration of new time table by railways.

Railway sources from Bhusaval informed that this decision has been taken for local transport management in principal cities across the country. Time table of total 500 trains in the country has been changed. Eight trains which have halt at Nashik Road are among them.

Mumbai-Bhusaval passenger will reach Nashik two minutes late at 10.47 am. Earlier the time was 10.45 am. Barring Nashik and Bhusaval, time table at other railway stations will remain same. The train will reach Bhusaval five minutes earlier at 6 pm

Lokmanya Tilak Bhubaneshwar train will arrive at 3.30 am at Nashik Road statiion instead of 3.32 am. Besides this time table of six long distance trains heading to Mumbai has been changed. Rajyarani will depart for Mumbai five minutes earlier. Gondiya Vidarbha express will also depart five minutes earlier. Firozepur Punjab mail will depart at 19.35 instead of 19.40. Amravati express will depart at 19.55 instead of 20.5. Kolhapur Mahalaxmi express will depart at 20.20 instead of 20.23.