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This winter season, take care with household remedies

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This winter season, take care with household remedies


Pooja Tipre

Nashik: As there is fall in minimum temperature in Nashik, at least one member from a family is suffering from cold and cough. To prevent children from being infected, it is very important to use household remedies to increase their resistance power.

Coughs are often ignored by the people. Sometimes, it is not possible to visit a doctor. In such a scenario, it is possible to treat it using household remedies. Considering a number of cases suffering from skin, asthma, joints pain, neck pain and back pain during the winter season, there is a need to take care.

The number of patients suffering from stomach pain also increase due to change in climatic conditions.

Every family members should take a decoction of the Kalypso and the Tulsi. Citizens should avoid drinking water immediately after they eat sesame. If the elderly people massage their joints with almond oil or sesame oil, arthritis pain will reduce. Applying oil on the forehead of children when they have slept, it will reduce the chances of being infected by the cold. Avoid drinking cold water at night. Pregnant women and children eat ghee in the meal. Avoid eating acidic foods.
                                                                                               – Vaidya Vikrant Jadhav

Drink hot water all day long. Take care that you should not get in touch with dust. Cover the face while stepping out, eat light food, eat liquefied food, and try to wash hands of children time to time to avoid being infected. And eat all the seasonable vegetables.
                                                                                           – Vaidya Tejeshree Muley

During the winter, joints pain has increased, so wear warm clothes. Protect ears and nose properly, Take soup, liquids and dry fruits. They help in generating heat and growing immunity in the body. Take milk and ghee daily. Do exercise. As the skin gets dry this season, do massage with oil every day.
                                                                                                  – Vaidya Rahul Sawant


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