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The insignia issue : Right or Wrong?


Abhishek Vibhandik

Nashik: In the first match of World Cup on Wednesday, a “Balidaan badge” was spotted on M S Dhoni’s gloves. Thereafter, ICC in letter requested BCCI to ask Dhoni to remove it . According to ICC, the logo on the captain’s gloves violates the ICC clothing and equipment regulations, which allow only sponsor logos on them. On the backdrop of this, Deshdoot Times speaks to some Nashikkites to know their views on this issue to know their views over this issue.

MS dhoni is playing for ICC. so, MS Dhoni should follow rules of ICC. If the “Balidaan Badge” does not fit under the ICC rules, then he should not use that badge. He is a soldier who must follow all those rules. Those badges should be used only if ICC are allowed to take that badge. – Col. khasgiwale

World Cup is very big tournament and their are certain rules made by ICC for World Cup. Cricket is gentleman’s game and We have to accept that ICC has made rules, every person who is playing in world cup must follow that MS Dhoni should have taken prior permission for wearing the gloves with the army badge.
– Rajat Upasani

MS Dhoni is a honorary Lt Col in para forces So by law he can wear a “Balidaan Badge”. “Balidaan Badge” is a symbol of true sacrific. The symbol is not at all related to any religious or political meaning. So he should continue to wearing the Badge we support him and hope BCCI will also stand behind MS Dhoni. It is not about any controversy it is for our indian army pride.
-Piyush Desai

The symbol of “Balidaan Badge” on MS Dhonis gloves is not related to commercial significance, political or religious. He is an official army man, so he should continue to wearing the Badge. It’s a matter of patriotism which cannot be denied by any person in this world.
-Aman Sayyed

According to me Ms Dhoni had just payed a simple tribute to our army and soldiers. His intention was to pay tribute to our soldiers and not to hurt any aspect of any caste, religion, political aspect, creed and country. Being a former captain and the one to receive a good rank from Indian army (Para Commando) he knows the limitations and dignity of the “Balidaan Badge”. He has got so much of respect for India, that even when he is wicket keeper of India, he wont stick Indian flag on his helmet as he has to keep it on ground. This shows the respect for our country.
-Rohit Garge



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