Survey starts for installation of CCTV cameras in city


Nashik : While setting smart city projects on the lines of state-of-the-art cities in foreign countries, priority will be given for safety of everyone in the city. On the backdrop of this and considering safety of Nashik city, city police and Nashik Municipal Corporation have decided to install CCTV cameras at 358 places. A survey – light detection and ranging (LIDAR) has been started to decide how the form of the proposed CCTV cameras will be and where they will be installed. The concerned agency is conducting the survey with help of three vehicles.

The city police and Nagpur Municipal Corporation have installed CCTV cameras. As there are some technical problems in them, a decision has been taken to conduct the survey to prevent these. The agency which has been appointed by MAHAIT has started the survey using LIDAR method. The squad of experts of the concerned agency has arrived in the city with three state-of-the-art vehicles and they will complete their survey in a month. It is a first experiment in state in which survey will be conducted through cameras fitted on the vehicles.

A report about the places where CCTV cameras should be installed will be given to MAHAIT after a period of one month. A camera rotating through 360 degree angle has been fitted on a four-wheeler. There are 2000-km roads in jurisdiction of NMC. This vehicle will be travelling at the speed of 10 per kilometre on the roads fixed by the city police and NMC. Video shooting and measurements of the roads will be done through the camera.

The Maharashtra Information Technology Corporation Ltd. will lay fibre optical cable in Nashik city soon. City police, NMC and all other government departments will be benefitted by this infrastructure.

On the backdrop of this, the city police and NMC will install CCTV cameras as part of security measures in the city. The city police have already planned to install CCTV cameras at 318 places. NMC has also planned to install the cameras at 40 places like its administrative offices, water purification centre, STP, auditoriums, swimming pools and other offices. A CCTV control cell will be set up on upper floor of late Panditrao Khaire NMC divisional office.