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Summer is the season of various foods


Pooja Tipre / Nashik: Right now, people are feeling the summer heat. However, this is the season of different fruits and food items. It is fun to savor different foods. Many people prefer healthier food.

Deshdoot Times has spoken to a few people to know which foods they like to eat during the summer. Ayushi Bobade said, “I like to eat ice cream and kulfi in the summer. The fun of eating ice gola, Panipuri and Chat is different.

The fun that we can do in summer cannot be done in other seasons. There is a fear of cold in winter, dirty water in monsoon. However, there is no such fear in the summer. We can eat anything this season.

Deepika Kulkarni said, “Summer is a season of mangoes. I eat watermelon to maintain water level in the body and drink lime syrup to reduce the heat in the body. I take cold foods. However, I give priority to that food which is good for the body.

Kshitija Joshi says, “I like to drink all kinds of cold drinks. Also, I eat all the flavored ice cream in the summer. I like chocobar most.  Sumit Gite said, “I prefer diet food in the summer considering exercise. Along with that I eat ice cream a bit. I also take milk and energy drink to maintain energy level.

Manish Kharade said, “All your relatives visit your home during summer. Nashik is famous for Missal. I like to eat Misal. I eat it many times during the summer. I also like to enjoy the cold lassi.


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