Sula Vineyards wins ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award’ at IEDRA


Nashik: Sula Vineyards, India’s leading wine company has been recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company’ by the Indian Economic Development & Research Association’ at the IEDRA 2017 awards. The wine company that has been at the forefront in developing a wine culture in India, has also pioneered the wine tourism movement in the country.

This award, conferred by the Indian Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA) each year, recognizes and honors individuals, organizations and institutions that display their undying dedication towards the development of the country through their outstanding contributions and achievements in their respective fields. As the Indian Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA) continues to operate on the national as well as global level with the purpose of advancing economic welfare of all nations, it also provides winners of this award with development opportunities internationally.

With Sula Vineyards also pioneering the implementation of sustainable practices in wine production as well as leading wine tourism in the country, slowly but steadily putting Nashik on the world map, this award was another testimony to Sula’s efforts. On the wine tourism front, the company recently launched India’s first winery heritage resort at the vineyards in Nasik – The Source at Sula.

Speaking on the occasion, Cecilia Oldne, Sula’s Global Brand Ambassador said, “This is a very proud moment for us at Sula. I also would like to extend gratitude to the all our friends out there who have been a part of this amazing journey. We wouldn’t be who we are without all the love and support we get from everyone – from the farmers to the end consumers.”

The CEO Rajeev Samant had his company go green long before the concept became cool. With a view to tackle current and urgent issues such as global warming and climate change, Sula Vineyards adopted sustainability as its primary focus area alongside creating quality wines of top quality. Reducing waste, reusing and recycling have been one of the company’s focuses as they continue to make use of other applied practices such as drip irrigation, organic fertilizers, vermiculture, solar power, heat exchangers and much more. In fact, 40% of the company’s power consumption comes solely from solar energy. That’s not it. Sula also continues to engage in the development of the local rural economy by supporting and training its farmers on many subject including organic farming practices.

The “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award” bestowed upon the company bears witness to all these efforts that drove Sula as a brand to become exemplary in its resolve to make a difference in society! Set up 17 years ago, today, Sula is not only a prestigious brand within the country but also accounts for its representation of Indian wines internationally, in over 30 countries and at some of the finest hotels and restaurants including Michelin star restaurants across the globe. Sula last week announced its expansion to Russia.