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Successful men are always remembered: S Havre: Nearly 1K entrepreneurs participated in state level ‘Udyog Kumbha 2018’


Nashik: “According to world history whether it may be entrepreneurs or scientists, a successful person is always remembered. Thomas Edison had failed numerously, yet he never lost his patience. Rather, he was constantly working hard for success.

If we follow him and other successful personalities like him then we can certainly be successful in any business,” said Minister of State (MoS) and Chairman Sai Baba Temple Trust, Shirdi Suresh Haware while addressing the ‘Udyog Kumbha 2018’ here today.

The Saturday Club Global Trust had organized the one-day ‘Udyog Kumbha 2018’ conference. Suresh Havre, MoS, President of the Sai Baba Temple Trust, Shirdi, Haware Builder was the chief guest of the conference.

On the occasion, Acyuta Godbole famous international IT Experts and famous authors, Nitin Poddar, a famous national-level corporate lawyer, Rekha Chaudhry beauty experts, Capt Amol Yadav make India State Government program partners, Bhavesh Bhatia entrepreneurs Sunrise Mold’s founder, and other dignitaries including actor Sandeep Kulkarni were present.

The conference was held at the Express Inn hotel located off Mumbai-Agra Haighway. The conference concluded with the vow of #Change. While addressing the event Haware explained his success as entrepreneurs. “Money is not the only key factor required for business. But often a businessman has to take help from others in the business.

Besides, he has to gain faith and build a goodwill. Person should not keep any fear while starting any business. The colour of a flying balloon is not important, rather what is most important is the matter which takes it to high altitudes,” he added.

Corporate Lawyer of the Council beginning Nitin Poddar said that there are multiple examples which point out that the Marathi man usually stumbles in business as he fails to choose right business partner.

Uber would have never come to existence without entering into partnership with Google. The partner is very important. Take the time to work before the company decides its terms.
Speaking on the occasion Amol Yadav who is the first Indian to enter into the production of private panes said, it was an uphill task for me to get into this sector.

I manufactured my first using a 110 horse power engine of a bike. My struggle was awarded when I received DGCA’s permission in 2017 for manufacturing air planes. Renowned author Achhyut godbole said, the last decade has witnesses many changes in the field of technology.

If we do not learn the techniques and the new technology then we will surely face failures.
Meanwhile, on the occasion Saturaday Club’s regional secretary Sanjay More, Mahesh Savrikar Saturaday Club’s Nashik president, Sandeep Somvanshi, Mrudula Shyamkalyani, Amol Kasar President Sinnar branch, Praveen Kakad Nashik 1 Department Chairman, Samir Shah, president of Sangamner branch, pollen attractive, Tushar Patil, Sanjay Shinde, Zakir Mansuri members of the Council were present.


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