Subject to appoint gun-totting security guards at NMC adjourned


Nashik : Following discussions over appointment of gun-totting security guards at NMC headquarter Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan from Maharashtra state Security Corporation (Mumbai), standing committee chairperson Shivaji Gangurde decided to adjourn it. He approved other subjects which were on the agenda.

The meeting of the standing committee was held under its chairperson Shivaji Gangurde. Subjects to change lift at NMC headquarter and to purchase new vehicles for NMC divisional prabhag committee chairpersons and sub-committee chairpersons were approved. Three Maruti Ciaz Sigma cars and eight Swift Dzire cars will be purchased for NMC office bearers. Rs. 29.09 lakh for purchase of Maruti Ciaz Sigma cars and Rs. 61.27 lakh for purchase of eight Swift Dzire cars were approved.

The subject regarding gun-totting security guards at NMC headquarter was adjourned. Annual expenditure of Rs. 1.43 crore is expected for this. Considering opposition by opposition members for this, the chairperson adjourned this subject temporarily.

During discussions Alka Ahire raised the issue of stray animals in Shahu Nagar area, prabhag no. 26. As there was no action despite discussions with concerned officials, she demanded to take action against the concerned. D G Suryawanshi expressed his disappointment over functioning of health department. Vatsala Khaire demanded to change old water pipelines in Old Nashik area.

Meanwhile, discussions over spread of infectious diseases like dengue and swine flu in the city since last some months were held. Pest control contractor is showing negligence in spray of insecticide and fogging. As a result, infectious diseases are spreading, alleged the members and demanded to scrap pest control contract. They asked the health officer over this.
As they demanded to take action against him, there was noisy scene in the house for some time.

Earlier, Mushir Saiyyad, Suryakant Lavate and Jagdish Patil raised the issue of functioning at Bytco hospital. Lavate drew attention to the sufferings of patients and shortage of employees. The vacant posts of doctor, nurses and female assistants will be recruited soon. As they will be recruited through outsourcing, the standing committee approved this, chairperson Gangurde informed. Lavate alleged that there is negligence to hospital repair work. The chairperson made it clear that hospital repair work and recruitment of employees will be done soon.

Jagdish Patil drew attention to irregular pest control work and alleged that health officer Dr. Sunil Bukane are giving false information about the pest control to the house. Scrap pest control contract, demanded Lavate, Saiyyad, Tidme, Patil and Aarote. Notice was sent to the pest control contractor earlier and if there is no improvement in his work, then take action to scrap his contract, chairperson Gangurde instructed.