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Stray animals problem on the rise in Devlali



Stray animals are seen occupying the road heading from Lam Road to Devlali and another route heading from Devlali to Bhagur. Due to this, it is difficult for motorists to drive their vehicles and there is rise in number of accidents. These stray animals occupy Anand Road, Rest Camp Road, Lam Road and Housan Road.

As they are suddenly stand up, vehicle drivers hit them. With the availability of fodder in good quantity in Devlali Range area, these animals go there. The administration should catch the stray animals and take them to a shelter on Gurudwara Road, said citizens.

It is understood that privately owned animals are among these stray animals. As citizens of Devlali are already facing the menace of stray dogs, they are now facing other problem of the menace of stray animals.

As stray animals are standing in front of the shop, consumers are facing inconvenience. There is an adverse effect on business due to this. These animals are also hitting vehicles. As stray animals are roaming freely in the city, there is a danger to lives of motorists as well as citizens.

– Dutta Sujgure


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