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Standing committee hikes budget by Rs 200 crore



NMC standing committee on Wednesday hiked the budget by Rs 200 crore. The budget of Rs 2161 crore was presented by Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishana Game on Tuesday. The committee suggested a hike of Rs 50 crore and to raise debentures worth Rs 150 crore for resurfacing of internal roads in the city and works related to bridges.

As the meeting started late everyone was expecting a good debate and suggestions over budget. But, as soon the meeting started the members instead of suggestions started allegations against the officials. They alleged that the work suggested by them is neglected by city engineer Sanjay Ghuge. Instead of suggesting changes, they started alleging that the officer has not taken note of their work, no proper distribution of funds, road repairs, and drainage repairs and so on.

It was decided that 20 per cent of the provisions made in the budget department wise should be cut off and instead, the work suggested by the members will be done with that provision. The standing committee chairman has requested members to suggest important works related to each department and give a list of it to the standing committee.

Fight over 5 percent reserved fund

Nashik Municipal Corporation has kept 20 percent fund reserved for the social welfare department. In that five percent each is reserved for backward class welfare schemes, child and women welfare scheme, handicapped welfare scheme and for sports schemes. Members said that the distribution of the funds is not proper.

The department does not take note of the works suggested by them. There is a provision of Rs 41.55 crore under the five percent fund for backward class welfare schemes in the budget. In that, the roads works, street lights, water supply, sewage lines, garden and other works can be done. The members suggested multiple works under this provision on Wednesday, including roads, street lights, sewage lines and many other works. They said that the administration neglects their requests about various works.


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