Standing committee directs to take action against vet officer


Nashik: There were strong discussions over the subject of dog sterilisation. Many members objected the work method. Bills were issuing without sterilisation of dogs and number of stray dogs is increasing, it was alleged.

NMC standing committee chairperson Himgauri Adke instructed to give information about anti-rabies vaccine and take action against those who are selling the meat in open places. She also instructed to take action against Dr. Pramod Sonawane for negligence in work.

The 6th meeting of the standing committee of Nashik Municipal Corporation was held on Thursday under its chairperson Himgauri Adke. However, Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe remained absent.

During a discussion over the subject of dog sterilisation, house leader Dinkar Patil demanded to give information about the number of dogs sterilised so far since its start and expenditure on it.

Replying to this veterinary officer Dr. Pramod Sonawane made it clear that 72,303 dogs were sterilised since start of dog sterilisation programme. He gave figures of dog sterilisation yearwise.

Dinkar Patil then raised question over dog sterilisation. He asked to give correct information about the number of male and female dogs which were sterilised. He alleged that the concerned officer was giving false information about the numbers.

Patil objected to this and asked about current status of the dog sterilisation. Dr. Sonawane informed that the dog sterilisation was stopped since March 13.  However, member Santosh Salwe objected this and asked to give detail about the expenditure incurred on dog sterilisation so far and give. Dr. Sonawane failed to give information about the expenditure.

Salwe asked about a list of the works done by contractor about dog sterilisation and issuance of orders. Dr. Sonawane replied that orders were issued orally. When asked about the orders in writing, Dr. Sonawane failed to give information.

Another member Uddhav Nimse said that dog van was not seen in his prabhag since start of dog sterilisation in 2008. He alleged that there is nexus between officials and contractor to get the bills and demanded that the expenditure should be recovered from the concerned official.

Member Komal Mehroliya raised question over low ratio of castration of male and female dogs. Why population of dogs is not reduced despite dog sterilisation, she asked and added that there is no proper mechanism for dog handling.

Over meat sale in open he said that they have to seek help of divisional officials for taking action against meat sellers. Patil then asked to take action against concerned officer for contempt of the house and demanded to take action against Dr. Sonawane for giving false information about number of dogs sterilised and the swine killing.

NMC administration is responsible for unhygienic condition in the city. Officials are responsible for low rank of the city in cleanliness index. Basic development of Nashik city is essential. Municipal Commissioner Mundhe have no control over the officials. There is a need to take action against cattle shed owners. There is a need to prepare a policy for taking action against them, he demanded.

Member Sameer Kamble stated that there is no check up of animals before killing them at slaughter house. He asked to give information about who was technically responsible for this. Take action against officials for negligence. Workers in health department are not working properly and raised question mark over functioning of the department.

Member Mushir Saiyyad asked about number of authorised slaughter houses in the city.
Dr. Sonawane informed that there are three authorised slaughter houses in the city. Saiyyad then asked to modernise the slaughter houses. Make available a fund for this. Slaughter houses should be developed as per law.

Uddhav Nimse alleged that officials giving false information to the house. Officials failed to take action against meat sellers in his prabhag. He also alleged that there is nexus among officials and meat sellers.

Member Sushma Pagare said that a report regarding swine killing was not satisfactory. The number of swine in east division is same and alleged that there was negligence in work.