SSWA to observe ‘Mute Day’ during Dahi Handi event


Nashik: Social outfit Sound System Welfare Association (SSWA) is celebrating Dahi Handi festival in a unique manner by observing ‘Mute Day’ (No Sound Day) in protest against government’s decision to set permissible limits of noise levels at 75 decibels (dB).

This was informed by Assocn president Amar Vazare and Parag Joshi among others in a press conference. Vazare said, “On the backdrop of the specified sound limits of 75 dB set at public places and an alleged row treatment given by the police to the sound and light service providers, the livelihood of these traders is now in danger.

Hence, the government must ensure that the permissible noise levels should be increased at public places, at least during the festival times. It must also withdraw cases against the traders and stop giving ill-treatment to them.”
“It is highly impossible for us to follow the guidelines on the permissible noise limits specified by the judiciary during the crucial period of festivals like Dahi Handi, it said.

The Assocn has even threatened to boycott Genash Festival beginning August 18 if their demands are not met fully. Meanwhile, national level organisation Professional Audio Lighting Association (PALA) has also decided not to use loudspeakers on the day of Dahi Handi in support of their demands including seeking permission to raise loudspeakers’ sound levels from the permissible limits.