Special campaign to stop water theft


NASHIK: With water scarcity hitting the rural belt, district collector B Radhakrishnan is again in action. The dist collector inspected Palkhed left canal in order to stop water theft and discharge water to as many as 35 scarcity hit regions in the district including Yeola and Manmad.

In the next few days, water is being discharged from Palkhed left canal under the water supply scheme meant for 35 villages including regions of Yeola and Manmad.
Meanwhile, In order to curb water theft and wastage of water ,the district administration removed every single encroachment including removal of over 1200 sand piles, under tight police security at the Palkhed left canal. “Water will be discharged only after completion of encroachments,” administrative sources revealed.

“Tight police security will be maintained before releasing the water from the canal,” informed Radhakrishnan. Currently, water is being supplied through tankers to as many as 48 scarcity-hit villages and 87 hamlets in the district. In addition to this, the average available water stock in district dams stands at 24% which may not be sufficient to quench the thirst of these scarcity-prone villages.

The district administration is leaving no stone unturned to stop water theft by the farmers. It has been alleged that a number of farmers are diverting the water from the canal to their fields, resulting into shortage of water to Manmad and Yeola.

From the Palkhed left canal, 800 Mcft of water would be discharged in a span of 10 days to specified villages in regions of Yeola, Manmad municipal council, Manmad railways, Lasalgaon and Niphad to whom the water has been kept reserved.

The administration is taking every precautionary step to stop water theft on the part of farming community. While discharging water from canal, power supply would also be discontinued. Police have been ordered to maintain strict vigil. Help of SRPs has been sought.