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Social media flooded with fake messages, images, videos after flood


Prashant Nikale

Nashik: The district is facing a very critical and devastating danger of floods. The rivers in the district are flowing with the dangerous water level. The villages in Nashik, Igatpuri, Niphad, Sinnar tehsils are hit by flood water. But there is a much bigger danger which everyone is carrying with them in this situation.

The miscreant elements in society are using Social Media as a tool to create panic among citizens. The social media is flooded with such kind of messages, videos and images. The messages like break down of the Bhawali dam, the water is flowing over the Holkar bridge of Nashik.

The old video of the Hatnur dam of Jalgaon has gone viral as Gangapur dam; old flood videos of the floods from other district have also been viral as of Nashik district. The most viral message on social media is about the Kasara Ghat near Igatpuri. A total of 6 images are getting viral in name of Kasara ghat.

It shows that the heavy rains have destroyed the Mumbai-Agra highway ghat section. The images show that heavy cracks have gone through the road and police personnel are surveying the spot. The images are cropped and are edited. If someone sees them properly he can easily identify them as fake. The person who has edited the pictures has very smartly put up a watermark on the entire picture, which makes people believe that the images are real.


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