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Six bridges in district in dangerous condition


Nashik: Of the total bridges in the district, six bridges are dangerous for vehicular traffic and repair them immediately, ordered District Collector Suraj Mandhare to public works department and local bodies.

The monsoon may be normal this time. As a result, rivers-nullahs would overflow. In effect, bridges on rivers and barrages can go under the water and losses can occur. The District Collector has instructed to take precautions that there should be no human and financial loss.

Collect information about those places which witness flooding, prepare MOP by joining all government department of respective tehsils, collect information about villages on the banks of rivers and nullahs, bridges connecting to them, bridges which are in dilapidated or in dangerous condition and make arrangement of alternate transport system there, the District Collector has ordered further.

There are a total of 9 bridges that are during the British regime. Inspect their status before the start of monsoon and take a decision about the resumption of traffic on them and monitor them, he also ordered.

Dangerous Bridges
– Bridge on the road connecting Chandori & Saykheda villages.
– Bridge near Bhagur village.
– Bridge near Ghoti village.
– Two bridges on Saudane-Kalvan-Borgaon-Surgana-Umbartha-Bartipada road.
– Bridge near Manmad.
– Bridge on Nandur Satna Kalvan road.


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