Shri Mahesh Panel retains power at Mahesh Bank


Nashik: All candidates of Shri Mahesh Panel won election held for board of directors of Mahesh Bank for five years with majority votes.
Ashok Zanvar got 1905 votes, whereas Ramnarayan Jayprakash Kalantri received 1893 votes. Balkisan Brijlal Dhoot got 1877 votes, while Suresh Radhakisan Navandar received 1842 votes.

Vallabhdas Gulabchand Jakhotiya got 1816 votes and Omkar Nath Ramratan Maniyar received 1800 votes. Vishnukant Ramchandra Mantri got 1873 votes, while Satish Bankatlal Mantri received 1759 votes and Shivnarayan Shrikisan Laddha got 1717 votes. Adv. Nandkishore Hiralal Lahoti received 1563 votes. Rival candidate Devendra Bhutada got 790 votes only.

38% voting was recorded in this election. All victorious candidates are currently working as directors. Their re-election is an acknowledgement of their good work. Cooperation officer Ajay Gujarathi was the returning officer.