Shivkary Gadkot to be felicitated at Raigad on June 5


Nashik: Shivkary Gadkot organisation, dedicated for fort restoration activity is going to be felicitated at Raigad on June 5,2017 by present descendent of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj MP Shrimant Sambhaji Raje Bhosale.

Since last 6 years, Shivkary Gadkot organisation has been doing consistent conservation activities. Many members have been trained professionally to undertake such special work like measurements of all old structures present on fort, documentation, map drawing etc.

Till date 48 fort restoration expeditions were successfully executed by all team members. It’s a great honour for Nashik based organisation to get felicitated at Raigad. Ram Khurdal, Yogesh Kapse, Somnath Muthal, Dr. Sandip Bhanose, Dr. Ajay Kapadnis and few more members will be attending the function.