Shivaji Maharaj was a great management visionary: Prof Ajay Dhumal


Nashik : Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had more than 360 forts in Swarajya and they all played a critical role in protecting the society at large. These forts are true motivation even today. It’s the need of an hour to conserve these all forts. Shivaji Maharaj developed a Navy of excellence.

Even Britishers were envoy about it. He was a great Management Guru and a strategic warfare expert since he developed gurilla war tactics. He was an excellent administrator. He was first to start salary system in Swarajya, thus expressed Prof Ajay Dhumal.

Shivkary Gadkot Sanwardhan Sanstha had organised its 17th lecture series at Hutatma Smarak. Chakrapani Baba was the chief guest . He was welcomed by Sham Kulthe.

Ajay Dhumal was felicitaed by giving him srifal, shawl, a book and tulsi plant by Rajendra Kulkarni and Somnath Muthal.  Senior consultant Dr Sandip Bhanose gave information about Shivkary Gadkot Sanstha and introduced Prof Dhumal. He even sang a patriotic song to motivate the youths.
Rajendra Katayare compered the event. Ram Khurdal gave information about 50th fort restoration mohim to be conducted on 23rd July, Sunday on Dunda fort.

Yogesh Kapse, Kachru Vaidya, Seema Shimpi, Pramod Chavan, Manoj Ahire, Ganesh Sonawane, Krishnachandra Vispute, Bhimrao Rajole, Sharad Birari, Sagar Bodke, Nandkumar Kapse and many more fort lovers attended this lecture.  Mr Kulkarni expressed vote of thanks.