Sellers boycott auction of fire cracker stalls


Nashik : The auction process for fire cracker stalls which are to be set up by Nashik Municipal Corporation on open grounds in six divisions took place at the NMC headquarter. It was clear that sellers boycotted the auction process due to dispute over the places. As a result, only 15 stalls were auctioned.

Though the city Police Commissioner approved sale of fire crackers at 379 places, NMC rejected permission for setting up the stalls on private places. As a result, the situation becomes tricky. On the backdrop of this, the Municipal Commissioner has to take decision over this.

Considering a major fire to fire crackers stalls at Aurangabad last year, NMC denied permission for fire cracker stalls on private places. So, administration has started auctioning of 50 stalls each in six divisions.

As per government decision, it has been mandatory to set up stalls on the places which are fixed. Accordingly, NMC conducted auction process of fire cracker stalls in six divisions. 58 sellers took token during auction of 50 stalls on Eidgah Maidan, but they boycotted it and did not take part in the auction.

As a result, auction had to adjourn. As no one took part in auction of fire cracker stalls on the ground at Tapovan, Panchavati and Chehdi Naka ground, the process did not take place. 10 stalls on Satpur club house and 5 stalls at Ranenagar, New Nashik were auctioned. As only 15 stalls, out of total 300 stalls were auctioned, the administration has to conduct the process again.